L.E.'s Unending Addventure Link Page

Well,if you're reading this you're at least on your way to sharing my attachment to The Unending Addventure,that showcase Addventure product created by Allen "Prisoner" Firstenberg and his cohorts.

the URLs to episodes here are not working while the game is read-only.Try Trap Door Spider's "page like this one"(link below) for working read-only links,but here we keep the URLs for when it's working again!

Unending began in February 1995,"Prisoner" being joined by Andy Norris, B.J. Herbison, cschoppe,and Stephen Turner in preparing the foundation episodes. Among other writers whose writing career mainly predated mine,I think much of the work of Philip(Nix Nada) Apps.

Andy's page has gone dead,sad to say...but I found a new URL for Philip

My own contributions began in September and October '95 with The Dog's Offer(never continued until June '96!) and with . Karicia's Cabin,which also debuted the "L.E." byline I almost always use. (This is reached by going up the black staircase,through the door and the portal and trapdoor,checking the nuts,eating them,creating a door,and going to the cabin).This quest has yet to get extended too far.Please note that I have not written ALL episodes signed "L.E."...I did not write 33021 (though I did write its sibling 33020 the previous day,whose first choice spawned the "Treasure Hunt" plot where Leion,who writes a lot but seems obsessed with public humiliation scenes,tried to use Addventure as a way of sending me email).Neither did I write the episodes where Kevin Mahe and Jack Mehoff swiped the byline as a means of annoying me.NOR did I write 78688(part of the vandalism of "Hel" noted below). Nor did I write 73576-73579,though the first of those was signed with a link to this page by the impostor!!The same or another impostor (using the same host at thew University of Utah)recently signed "L.E." to 93292 to provoke fights between me and Josh Bieber,and more recently took three choices from 98227 in that same "Hell's Maze" plot.Other forged L.E. messages from that same U of Utah host include 4827,8686,100803,101415, 97296,101922,101921,103325,104313,104776,104935,and 105092...some trashing plots,others doing just what I would!(Not sure how many use this host, but there's been good stuff and sabotage coming from it). Not long ago I learned of someone who used MY email address for mail-on-extension...argh.

I have written in earnest mainly since January 1996.I've not only extended plots of interest to me,but have tied off loose ends,such as linking "Die" choices to death loops,mainly Mr. 6's "Still dead" episode,the link-enabled part of his "Dying of Flesh-Eating Bacteria" plot.

Other death loops include Nagual's Oblivion, E The Undertaker's Death,and the more recent Zarathustrian Trilogy.

Similarly,I tie off "Hell" choices to Hells,mainly Nix Nada's Hell,but also Andy Norris's Hell for the Stupid,and my own Fire Unending, inspired by a choice to jump right into a lake of fire. (I recently added "Hel Fawr Badd Spelurs"...on July 3-4 1996 some clown vandalized it and its relative Hehl Furr Gramer Badd,which I didn't write...pure Mehoffery(see below) ...but there ARE open branches off the plot-tree still...).

An alternative to Hell,of course,is Kabadath,World of Infinite Pain and Suffering.

"Start the Game Over" choices I backlink to The Staircase directly,or possibly my "Start Over?",which offers as an alternative The imitation staircase (I did not write it,but I wrote all its children and grandchildren except for Josh Bieber's "Garage"...it was created as the child of an "episode 1" choice in someone's start-over episode...of course episode 1 is just a gateway,the game really starts with ep 2.) The Imitation Staircase in turn spawned Josh Bieber's hilarious Doggventure.These days there are lots of "staircases",including the Starcase.

Two things that I care a lot about in Addventure are maintaining continuity and literacy.It also bugs me when Pamela Anderson,Cindy Crawford,etc. are brought into plots when more attractive women can be whipped up just by saying so.Thus,in January 1996,I took a choice of visiting Crawford and introduced instead the gorgeous messenger,who delivered several plot-starters.In May 1996 the first choice "Cousin Alcide" spawned a very interesting plot,but Jack Mehoff got so mad at my efforts to contain his deliberate damage to plot continuity that I was forced to clone the whole messenger tree (except for his wreckages).

(I own Putnam Internet Services and can make time to deal with things).

One of my most active recent plots(over 1% of the whole game) concerns the Casino Bunnies,who are in Josh Bieber's Addventure Casino,which opened shortly after Addventure's other Casino.


Got your attention,right?

A lot of the sexually oriented content that has crept into Addventure is brainless boffing unrelated to the plots it comes from...I much prefer suggestive writing to Seven Dirty Words writing.This is not to say we shouldn't support the Voters' Telecommunications Watch and Electronic Frontier Foundation in their efforts to keep our speech free,but if you plop "nacked wemone" into a story,you'd better be prepared for my continuation on how dangerous nacking makes the alien Wemone.

More general stupidity I deal with by identifying it as an Addventure Malfunction.

Other regulars working the Addventure lanes these days include Green Phantom,of House of Horrors and Episode Zero fame(announced his retirement 6/26/96), Poindexter(possibly the same person,and both used that Utah host), Ragan, jbop,Daqurita, and Trap Door Spider,who has even come up with a page like this one.

The viewpoint character in Addventure is usually male,since most of the writers are male and being androgynous makes the story just too vague.Among the places it is safe for "you" to be a woman are the "Daughter of Eve" plots(*only* until you hit a link-enabled episode, at which point male characters might link in from anywhere--or you may be linking into a plot created with the assumption that "you" are male) and (if you have a kinky streak) olski's bondage plot...EXCEPT that in episode 59418,you must NOT choose the heaven or hell choices,which were THOUGHTLESSLY linked by Josh Bieber to episodes that presume a male character...the bondage plot has its own purpose-built heaven and hell,11622 and 11623,though they are not link-enabled(also,English is not olski's first language!) ...AND now Patrick Shaughnessy just HAD to link a subplot of it into his "episode 95000 party" sequence! It's important to keep the character's sex straight,I think...and not write episodes that abruptly change it sans any mad scientist,etc.(If you want female-dominant bondage of a male viewpoint character,try licking your mother's feet) as an excuse,or demand androgyny, as someone did continuing my Dead John In the John episode.

Lots of stuff seems to show up over and over again such as the pirate ship,not to be confused with the pirate ship,the ubiquitous Star Trek and Pamela Anderson plots, and Hansel and Gretel(watch out--rescuing them might lead to sex)...not to mention all the things that could happen if you mess with the silver aliens or the other silver aliens or the blue aliens...or the goblins!

Happy Addventuring!